Ignorance comes in two shades:  Lack of knowledge or wilful.  There are no grey areas in between.

If Liberals only knew that Robert Mueller’s, “investigation”, into Trump Campaign collusion with the Russians is being destroyed by the truth, and one such truth was recently revealed when it was disclosed that Mueller’s indictments of 13 Russian companies involved in alleged election interference was a total sham.

The mistake Mueller made was to assume none of the alleged Russian indictees would challenge his indictments in court, and when one did, Mueller asked for an extension rather than going to court because, as it turns out, Muller got a Grand Jury indictment based on no actual evidence!  That’s right:  Mueller was unprepared to try the case because he has no evidence against the indicted firm to present to a real jury.  In another case, a lawyer representing another indicted firm pointed out to the judge that his client did not exist as a company at the time they were allegedly interfering with our election!

What about the other 11 indicted Russian firms?

None of this is being reported by the mainstream press, like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the Washington Compost or the New York Lying Times, and most of this ignorance is unintentionally wilful because Liberals tend to only view news sources that tell them what they want to hear.  If the Liberals listened to the only mainstream news source that has any credibility left, that being Fox News, they would be horrified to learn what real professional reporters know and reportto the rest of us every day.

For example, Liberals have no idea the top echelons of the FBI, Justice Department and State Department spied on the Trump Campaign and did everything in their awesome power to prevent Trump’s election, and when that failed, they conspired to topple President Trump with the Mueller Investigation.  They have no idea that one Judge has ordered Mueller’s team to disclose their alleged authority to investigate beyond the alleged Trump/Russia collusion.  In that case, the judge flatly accused Mueller of putting extreme and unethical pressure on Paul Manifort to make up a false story about Trump by threatening to put Manifort on trial for a alleged bank fraud scheme 10 years ago that had already been investigated and resulted in Manifort being cleared!

Mueller’s team tried to tell the judge they could not reveal what the judge was demanding for reasons of national security, and the judge, who has the very top security clearance to hear espionage cases, told them he’d be the judge of whether or not such authority was given them in writing by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — and the judge gave Mueller two weeks to produce proof of such written authority.  I can’t wait to see what trickery Mueller’s team comes up with during the next hearing.  Since that case involves the Mueller indictment of Manifort, Mueller might just come back and drop all charges against Manifort to prevent disclosure of a written authority that did not authorize Mueller to go after Manifort for alleged violations that have nothing whatsoever to do with Mueller’s original authorization to expand his investigation beyond that of Trump/Russia collusion or Russian election interference.

Of course, most Liberals won’t care because they want Trump to fail, be indicted or be impeached, and since they are morally bankrupt, the ends will justify the means for them.  But for the rest of us loyal to our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Republican form of government, we know that an attempt was made to overthrow our government via the illusion of an unbiased investigation that is anything but.

And they wonder why we are buying up high capacity AR-15-type weapons, multiple magazines and amassing large amounts of ammunition?  It is because, if they try to remove our elected president by these pseudo-legal means, we will descend upon Washington DC and forcibly remove them.  That is the one thing Mueller hasn’t seriously considered, and whether he knows it or not, his life depends on it.


Carl F. Worden

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