So a few weeks ago, two black men went into Starbucks, sat down for a meet and didn’t order anything — but they did want to use the bathroom.  The manager told the two if they didn’t order anything, they were loitering and would have to leave.  When they didn’t leave, the manager called the police, who arrested the two men for trespassing.

Had the two men been white, it would have been no big deal, but because they were black, “victims”, they raised a fuss and got national news coverage of the incident.

So the totally whacked-out Liberal CEO of Starbucks has just announced the demise of the company by adopting a new policy that anyone can come in, take-up valuable seating normally reserved for paying customers, and stay as long as they like without ordering so much as a cup of plain coffee.

That news is spreading throughout the transient community like wildfire as I write this.

Because this complete moron of a CEO has announced this new policy, nobody is going to want to go to Starbucks and sit down next to a bunch of stinking transients who cannot be dislodged, and make no mistake, that is exactly what is going to happen.

If you own stock in Starbucks, dump it Monday morning.  If you own that stock through a 401k, find a way to get rid of it.

Transients are now going to consider Starbucks as a public bathroom and a place to get out of the cold or heat for hours on end, and they will drive the paying customers away, which means Starbucks stock is about to take a major, and probably fatal, hit.  What’s worse is that reversing this new policy will be virtually impossible without getting even more bad publicity for the company.

This CEO has placed Starbucks in a lose-lose position no matter what happens next, so dump their stock before you take the inevitable hit that anyone of sound mind would know is coming.


Carl F. Worden

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