Now why-oh-why would former Clinton Pollster Mark Penn be calling for an immediate end to the Mueller probe of Trump?  Is it because evidence has now surfaced that the FBI infiltrated the Trump Campaign for political reasons?  Not entirely.  The real reason even a Clinton supporter like Penn wants it all to stop is because evidence is now pointing to an alliance between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Deep State actors like the highest echelons of the FBI, Justice Department, State Department and Intelligence Services who all conspired to defeat the Trump Campaign, and when that failed, they tried using the Mueller Investigation to unseat President Trump.

But all that is now backfiring — right into the face of the Democrats like an exploding cigar!  The tide of investigation is now turning from a completely phony and contrived conspiracy against Trump, to a very real investigation into the very real criminal activity of the Obama Administration, and when we all finally get to see the IG report and the documents Congress has subpoenaed, this guy Penn knows very well that the Democrats will be slaughtered in November.  Only the most corrupt of voters will still want to vote Democrat when this thing is fully exposed, and this guy is only the first to see where this secondary investigation is going, and it is going right to the Obama White House and to Obama himself.

This is becoming amusing, indeed!  Yes, Hillary, there really is a God, and it looks like he’s finally coming after YOU.

Carl F. Worden

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