When you go out into the wild, no matter how close the area might be to, “civilization”, always carry a gun suitable for the environment.  By that I mean carry a gun of a suitable caliber and size in case you run into something unexpected, such as an apex predator, a rattlesnake or a two-legged snake.

Recently near Big Bend, Washington, two tree-hugging mountain bikers were attacked by a cougar.  One was killed and the other injured badly.  They didn’t have a gun.  The media as usual trots out their foolish gibberish about what to do if you encounter a cougar, and that advice is simply not adequate.  It goes like this:

Image result for gun holster for hikingIf you encounter a cougar, don’t run, as this will trigger a pursuit and attack.  If you have small children with you, pick them up and carry them.  Get up on a rock and make yourself look big.  Shout loudly.  Raise your arms over your head.  Back away slowly.  And Carl’s best additional advice is this:  Bend over, stick your head between your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye!

Stupid people!  Cougars are probably the most stealthy, aware and evasive critters I’ve ever encountered in the wild.  During my lifetime, I’ve spend countless hours in a tree stand hunting, and I’ve had bears, coyotes and you name it show up while I’m waiting for that big Blacktail Buck to come along.  I’ve gotten just a glimpse of two cougars in my 69 years on this planet, and in both cases, the cats saw me first and all I saw was the back of a leg and tail taking off into the brush.  Smart, healthy cougars do not want to mess with Humans, but that is not always the rule, as the two bikers in Washington State just found out.

In this case, the cougar they tracked and killed was emaciated.  Why it was emaciated really doesn’t matter.  It could be old age, it could be an injury that prevents the cougar from hunting its preferred meal of deer, it could be diseased.  Hell, it could have had rabies for all we know, but the point is this:  When you are out in the wild, carry a suitable firearm.

Some morons think walking into the wild with a group of people will prevent an animal or Human attack.  History and experience shows that is false.

Here’s my advice about cougars:  If you actually see a cougar that is observing you and is making no attempt to run away, shoot the SOB right between the eyes and leave him lay.  Just about every time a cougar attack occurs, there have been previous sightings, and they usually were not running away.  This happened several years ago near Boulder, Colorado on some favorite mountain biking trails about 30 days before the first fatal attack occurred.

In this recent case in Washington State, the mountain bikers realized a cougar was following after them.  They got off their bikes and performed all the silly-ass girations the media tells people to do in such cases.  One Sheriff Deputy lamented that they did all the right things.  If that were true, one wouldn’t be dead and the other injured.  Apparently, that cougar hadn’t gotten the memo.

The lesson to be learned is this:  If you go out into the wild, carry a gun.  You will never get that advice from the media for obvious reasons.

Carl F. Worden


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