Consumer Reports says it can’t recommend the Tesla Model 3

2018 Tesla Model 3 braking test

Consumer Reports said Monday that the Tesla Model 3 had failed to earn its recommendation. CR said the Model 3, the electric car maker’s first mass market vehicle, had “flaws — big flaws” with its braking distance. In Consumer Reports‘ tests, the Model 3 stopped in 152 feet from a speed of 60 mph, which was “far worse than any contemporary car” the company has tested. Tesla said the Model 3, which is critical to the company’s plans for profitability, brakes faster than Consumer Reports found. In internal tests, the Model 3’s average braking distance was 133 feet. The reviewers also said they found the car’s touch-screen control panel distracting, and that the Model 3 offered a “stiff ride, unsupportive rear seat, and excessive wind noise at highway speeds.”

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