Beech Bluff Recreation Center Meeting

Meeting at the Beech Bluff Recreation Center cafeteria Thursday 5/24 @6:29P.M. !!!!!!!

Want to keep the Recreation Center @ Beech Bluff?

Support the Beech Bluff Area Neighborhood Association and the Beech Bluff Recreation Center!

Some county commissioners favor closing the Recreation Center and funneling the funds to the “Big Spenders” who are always finding ways to spend more and more of the county funds.

We need to fund and keep this “one of a kind” facility available to all citizens of Madison County. This is an excellent facility that is for family and youth activities for all citizens of Madison County.

Show up! Show your support!

This is the only county owned gymnasium/cafeteria facility available to the public!

Your support is vital to keep this valuable asset open to the public! Did you know that the gym and cafeteria are available for rent for private and public activities?

There are more good things coming for everyone at the Beech Bluff Recreation Center!!!!!!! It’s located at Beech Bluff, but it’s for everyone!!!!!!!

John Arnold

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