Evergreen State Is Cutting Tons Of Staff Because No One Wants To Attend The School Anymore [VIDEO]

The history of Evergreen State College is overflowing with FAR LEFT SOCIALIST incidents.  It has been the birthing place of so many Communist inspired movements and activities.  It should be shut down and then reopened as a TRADE SCHOOL –  Trading off that Super Far Left ideology for a productive and American training school on how to learn how to be a contributing and productful AMERICAN citizen.

One in which only lawful activities will be allowed.  If a student wants to be a protester then they are automatically dismissed as a student….  same goes for the teachers and professors.

I also believe that all tax funds should be eliminated to ALL colleges and universities that fail to maintain order or to let their property be overrun by these commie protestors.  Let those teachers and professors who teach this garbage get jobs that match their mouthings –  like dump yard garbage haulers.  Let the Far Left anti-Constitutional leaders pay for their own buildings and property to  teach their crap to… with those who want that kind of *education* paying for it out of their personal pockets – not the tax payers.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN  idzrus@earthlink.net

Prov. 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
(look at Obama, PeeLousy, Schummer, HOGG.  etc to see how this works.)

By ROB SHIMSHOCK   |   The Daily Caller

The Evergreen State College is cutting dozens of faculty and staff positions, according to a Tuesday announcement it sent to employees.

The Washington state school is cutting 24 faculty positions, some of which were occupied by adjunct professors, and striking 19 vacant staff capacities, reported Campus Reform.

“Over the past several days, 20 staff members have been notified that they are at risk for layoff,” wrote John Carmichael, Evergreen board of trustees’ secretary and president’s chief of staff, in an email obtained by Campus Reform. “These layoffs, although necessary to stabilize the college’s budget, represent a profound loss felt by many.”

The college previously announced it would be trimming $5.9 million from its operating budget, a decrease of over 10 percent, according to The Olympian.


These budget and staffing cuts come about a year after Evergreen students took over campus buildings in highly publicized riots, demanding, among other items, that Professor Bret Weinstein resign for not taking part in the school’s “Day of Absence” event in which white school members were expected to leave campus for a day.

Evergreen might have received up to 20 percent fewer applications after the riots, according to the report The Olympian cited.

“As painful as it is to lose valued colleagues, we know that we must take dramatic steps to stabilize the budget,” Carmichael continued. “These steps, along with the re-organization of senior leadership positions and fee changes previously announced, will stabilize the budget.”

The administrator noted the school will cut back on items like experimental theater productions, staff support in a couple of departments and in-house repairs by its computing and communications department.

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