Bad man in a bar

Everything was quiet in a downtown bar when the door slammed open with a loud BAM. There stood a man about 6ft 5in with huge arms and glaring eyes and a big frown.

He stomps over to the bar and shouts “Gimmie a beer! ” He downs the beer in two seconds and slams the mug down on the bar. He’s in the middle of the bar and looks to the left and says “Ever’ body on this side is a homosexual. He glared over the men on that side and said “Any arguments?” All those men just put their heads down and were silent. Then, the giant looked over to the right side of the bar and said “Ever’ body on this side is a son of a bitch. Got anything to say?”

One small slightly built man slowly stood up from his stool. The giant said “Well !! What have you got to say?” The little man said “Nothing, sir. I’m just on the wrong side”

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