Democrats and abortion rights groups are sounding the alarm on the Trump administration’s pick to oversee the Title X Family Planning Program.

The Department of Health and Human Services quietly announced earlier this week that Diane Foley has been named deputy assistant secretary for population affairs, which oversees Title X, the only federal program solely dedicated to funding family planning services for low-income women and men.

She replaces Teresa Manning, who abruptly resigned in January.

Foley, a gynecologist, was most recently the CEO and president of Life Network, which runs two anti-abortion pregnancy resource centers in Colorado Springs.

From the House Pro Choice Caucus:

This is an outrage. #TitleX programs are vital to millions of people for preventive health care, including family planning. An anti-choice political appointee, Diane Foley, could dismantle key parts of these care and treatment programs. @Rewire_News

— ProChoiceCaucus (@ProChoiceCaucus) May 31, 2018

From Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.):

“A person with a record of running religiously-motivated centers that take advantage of young women with unwanted pregnancies, often feeding them false information, will bring this bias to the program that funds reproductive health care centers that treat the medically underserved nationwide. This is an outrage, and yet another sign of the Trump Administration’s contempt for the reproductive rights of women – especially the underprivileged.”

From NARAL Pro-Choice America:

“The fact that Donald Trump appointed Diane Foley, the former president of a fake health clinic in Colorado, to a key position that oversees our nation’s family planning program is just further proof that he and his Administration will stop at nothing to harm women and limit our access to vital healthcare.”

From the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S.:

“SIECUS is shocked but not surprised by the Trump administration’s latest anti-science, pro-abstinence appointee within HHS. Dr. Foley, who now oversees Title X–the nation’s only federally funded family planning program–has a track record of ignoring and distorting facts in the name of religion.”

From Equity Forward, a reproductive rights watchdog group:

“Like so many of her peers in the Trump administration, Diane Foley fundamentally opposes the programs she is tasked with overseeing. Title X at its core is a program to provide birth control. Yet notably, Foley, like her predecessors Valerie Huber and Teresa Manning, rejects the importance of contraception and holds beliefs about reproductive health that have been widely and resoundingly disproved by the medical community.”

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