Oregon Church Sued for Refusing to Host LGBT Event

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The Ambridge Event Center, a facilities management company in Portland, Ore., filed a $2.3 million lawsuit against the Holy Rosary Catholic Church that owns the center for repercussions resulting in Ambridge having to enforce the church’s “morals clause” in renting out the facility.

Ambridge, which contracted with the church to manage the center, is seeking recovery of damages it claims were lost due to its inability to rent the space to an LGBT support group, as well as for lost business due to being perceived as discriminatory in enforcing the clause. Ambridge also claims the church illegally terminated its contract after it hired an openly gay events coordinator.

Will the church be found liable for simply asserting its religious liberty? No one knows yet, but Rod Dreher from the American Conservative noted, “It would seem to me to be a frivolous lawsuit, but then again, in this climate, who knows? . . . The fact that Holy Rosary Church has to defend itself in this ridiculous lawsuit is a burden on a charitable organization that no doubt operates on a very tight margin.”

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