Pelosi Pressed Hard On Gun Security

A Santa Fe survivor and CNN (believe it or not) press Pelosi on armed security at schools noting that the building they were in had armed guards. And Pelosi’s office does too.

At CNN’s town hall event on Wednesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was challenged on her position against hardening schools by funding armed guards. Pelosi was faced with a question by a teen survivor of the recent Santa Fe High School shooting who inquired about arming teachers, and was further pressed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who noted that Pelosi herself is protected by armed guards.

The Democrat struggled to find an adequate response, often weakly suggesting that this simple was “not the answer” to the school shooting issue while citing “background checks” as part of the solution.

“Where does the government stand on arming and training our teachers, much in the way we use air marshals on airplanes?” asked Santa Fe senior Alexis Wilson.

Pelosi offered sympathies to Wilson over the shooting but concluded that she and her Democrat colleagues “do not think that is the solution.”

“Following a tragedy like this all we want to do is pray for the families, but I do not support arming teachers and the rest,” Pelosi stated.

Cuomo, moderating the town hall event, pressed Pelosi about her seeming hypocrisy on the issue.

“There’s a little bit of an either-or problem with how we’re trying to approach solutions. … The building we’re in now, the building you work in, the point of entry there is secure,” he said. “You don’t walk in with a trench coat with a shotgun underneath your jacket, and get in. It doesn’t happen, you know this.”

The CNN cameras panned to Wilson in the audience, who was clapping to show support for Cuomo’s pushback.

“Why can’t that be part of the equation?” Cuomo asked. “Talk about universal background checks, fine. Talk about mental health, how to identify them, money for treatment. But why either-or? Why not make the schools safer?”

“The children should not have to be worried about going to school as a place that violence can occur,” Pelosi responded. “You have to get to systemically stop people from having guns who shouldn’t have guns in the first place.”

H/t Mediaite

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