I closed my Facebook account awhile ago, but it was still active at the time Donald J. Trump announced his run for the Presidency, and within one minute after he concluded his announcement, I went on Facebook and told all my, “friends”, that Trump would be our next President.

Although I really do have very accurate psychic abilities, my conclusion had nothing to do with that.  Frankly, it was just good old common sense.

Here’s Trump telling us he wants to build a wall to control illegal immigration, and I knew that was a big selling point because both political parties were doing nothing to stop it and didn’t intend to, even though the masses wanted something done about it yesterday.  Tough sell.

Then Trump said our economy was in tatters, largely due to the Free Trade Agreements like NAFTA, GATT and the WTO.  With the exception of the Investor Class that had made millions from those deals, the whole country knew they were unemployed because of those deals.  Another tough sell, right?

Then Trump tells us his slogan, “Make America Great Again”.  Did anybody have to tell the masses they were unemployed and that we were no longer respected by our allies and our enemies after Obama apologized for everything we ever did?  Did anyone have to tell us we were on food stamps?  Did anyone have to tell us our family wage manufacturing jobs were now held in China, Mexico and Indonesia?  Oh yeah, “Make America Great Again”, was a real snoozer.  Another tough sell.

Did anyone have to tell us our cherished veterans were getting the shaft by people who just didn’t care, or that our military was in tatters?  There’s another tough sell.

Nobody had to tell us any of this because we already painfully knew it, and nothing was being done about it.  But Donald J. Trump said he was going to fix it, and for some reason we viscerally knew he meant it.

Take all these things he addressed in his announcement, and I knew Trump was going to be elected as our 45th President.  It was just sooo very obvious, but apparently it wasn’t obvious to most people at the time.  Back then, most people yearned for a positive change from the disaster of the Obama years, and Trump said he could do it.  What the Hell did we have to lose?

Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who was inspired by Trump’s announcement and posted it on Facebook.  Word got around very quickly, telling everyone to see the replay of Trump’s announcement if they missed the original, and it is obvious millions did.  Thank you Facebook, you low-life, Liberal Communist bastards!  You served us well even if you really didn’t want to.

I told the owner of one of my favorite restaurants that Trump would be number 45, and I was taken aback by his very loud and very negative response.  I’d never seen such nastiness from this guy, especially when he slapped a $100.00 bill on the bar and bet me Trump would never be President.  I took the bet with one proviso, that the bet was null & void if Trump was assassinated.  He accepted.  I never demanded he pay the bet for the simple reason I don’t believe in stealing, and I would have considered theft if I had.  That’s how certain I was.

Following that day, the polls came out giving Trump no chance at all to become President, and they gave so many reasons that sounded good, but then I saw the massive crowds attending Trump’s rallies.

You see, the reason the polls were so wrong is because the pollsters didn’t take into account the fact so many people had discontinued their land lines and traded them for cell phones, and the pollsters had no way of calling cell phone numbers that weren’t listed in any book or data base.  Of course they got it all wrong!  How could they get it right?  They were blind and didn’t know it.

But getting back to those massive rallies, people are normally lazy and don’t attend political rallies unless they are really riled up and excited, and those rallies were not only massive, but many venues couldn’t handle all the people who showed up and people had to stand outside or be turned away.  When you see that many Americans get off their asses and go to a political rally no matter how hot or cold it was outside, how snowy or how much rain was falling, that’s a movement, Baby, and it didn’t matter how many pundits told us all that Trump had no chance, because we were tuning them out already!  It came down to the old joke that says, “Are you going to believe your eyeballs, or are you going to believe what I tell you?  Obviously, we believed our eyeballs.

The final straw that guaranteed the Trump Presidency was when stupid Hillary Clinton called all those millions of Trump supporters deplorable and irredeemable.  I mean, how incredibly stupid can a politician be to say such a thing?  If anything, Hillary was defeated by revenge voters after that!

The simple truth is that Trump was a done deal the moment he concluded his announcement for President, and Facebook made it all possible.  How funny is that?


Carl F. Worden

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