Tennessee Firearms Association’s 2018 Legislative Report

The 110th General Assembly has concluded its business and all of the legislation that was passed has been either signed by the governor or allowed to become law. There are 15 such new laws and/or amendments to existing laws.

How did the Tennessee Legislature, which is under the complete and total control of a Republican super majority, do?


The full report and a list of all the bills that passed is available on the TFA’s website.

Tennessee Firearms Association’s 2018 candidate survey

Tennessee Firearms Association released its 2018 survey questions and responses in May.

It is important for voters to realize that many incumbents and others seeking public office either failed or refused to answer these specific questions about where they stand on 2nd Amendment issues.  Perhaps they did not respond because they know, unlike other organizations, that TFA actually shares both the questions and the survey responses to the public (rather than issuing a subjective “grade”).

None of the Democrat candidates for governor responded to the survey. None of the four major Republican candidates for governor responded either.

You can view the survey questions and responses on the TFA’s website on the 2018 Survey Response post.
John Harris
Tennessee Firearms Association
Executive Director
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