The Great and Terrible Mitt Romney

Written by Onan Coca  |   Eagle Rising

Former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, is running  for office again, only this time he’s doing it in Utah.

Romney is hoping to be the next Senator from the great state of Utah, but he’s run into a bit of a snag.

Romney had the opportunity to lock down the nomination during the state convention, but the gathered Republican activists refused to give him their support. Instead they split their vote giving just over 50% to state Representative Mike Kennedy, and just under the 50% mark to Romney. Since neither candidate was able to reach the 60% threshold, Utah Republicans will vote in a primary later this month to decide which candidate will run in the general election in November.

From CNN:

Romney and Kennedy will now compete in a primary set for June 26.

After the vote, Romney said he was looking forward to a primary race.

“This is terrific for the people of Utah, and I really want to thank the delegates who stayed so late to give me the kind of boost that I got here today,” Romney said, standing on the convention floor after the proceedings were adjourned. “We’re going to have a good primary.”

Kennedy, who had framed the race as David vs. Goliath, said when asked why he had edged out Romney in the vote that he wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know,” Kennedy said when asked why he thought his message appealed more to delegates than Romney’s. “I don’t know — it’s just my message.”

“We’ve got 60 days to reach out to as many voters as we can.”

Romney is considered a favorite to win the seat. He is widely admired in this heavily Republican state, where he helped rescue the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games. But when he decided to seek Hatch’s seat, he landed in the middle of a long-running fight within the Utah Republican Party over its process for choosing its nominees.

Romney is heavily favored, as he enjoys a very good reputation in Utah, but he’s no shoe-in.

Conservative pundit and Utahn Shawn Mitchell explains why Romney could still lose this matchup in a recent post to his Facebook page.

From his Facebook Page:

By all appearances, Mitt Romney is a good man and an extremely competent administrator. And we go to the same church.

Those things aside,  Romney is worse than worthless as a contender for public office under the banner of “conservatism.” He would not have withdrawn from the Paris Accords. He would not have moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. He would not have withdrawn the lawless Clean Power Plan. He would not have reversed presidential bans on oil production in Alaska and Gulf waters. He would not have moved to loosen the Civil Service choke hold on executive branch agencies. I don’t know if he would have let the Military push ISIS back the way Trump did. It might be the first bold move in his public resume. He would not be pushing back against Alarmist Gospel on global warming; he would be implementing Al Gore’s delusions in a sober, responsible manner. He would not raise a hand or word to rebuke the media’s vicious narrative that he is a cancer-spewing, vulture capitalizing, woman-abusing ghoul. He would oh so politely say: “Shucks. You guys aren’t very nice.” And the Left would roll on, grinding liberty to dust. 

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