News and Opinions from Real Clear; June 5th 2018

Dems: If You Run on Gas Prices, You Run on Empty. Bill Scher explains why this pocketbook issue hasn’t been a winning one in the past, and won’t likely be again.

No News on Social Security — and That’s Important. In RealClearMarkets, Henry Aaron writes that today’s release of the annual report on the balance between the program’s projected revenues and expenditures won’t create a stir, but it should.

Trump Thinks “Winning” Is Making the U.S. Less Like Hong Kong. Also in RCM, editor John Tamny reminds readers that with trade, the winning country is always the one most open to the world’s production.

Medicaid Saved My Life. In RealClearPolicy, Kristen Arant urges Kentucky’s governor to reconsider new Medicaid work requirements.

An Opioid Tax Would Be Dangerous and Counterproductive. Ross Marchand explains why, also in RCPolicy.

Trump’s Abusive Power Play. In RealClearEnergy, Devin Hartman and Philip Wallach assert that the administration’s move to protect coal and nuclear power plants is a misguided expansion of executive authority.

Manufacturing Talent: The Future of Apprenticeships. In RealClearEducation, Collin Gutman and Eric Seleznow make a case for on-the-job apprenticeships to help solve the skills gap.

Why Is the EU Demolishing Dams? In RealClearScience, Megan Ray Nichols spotlights benefits from the restoration of waterways, but warns that ill effects must be managed carefully.

When America Turned Away Jews. In RealClearHistory, Brandon Christensen sheds some light on why FDR turned away 900 Jews fleeing Nazi Germany in 1939.

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