Hey gang:

My wife has been driving a Volvo Cross Country over at least 13 years, and we have had no problems with the performance of the 3 vehicles we’ve owned during that time.

However, back in 2011, the, 2008 “Safest Vehicle”, she was driving was T-boned on the driver’s side door by a teenager, and the driver’s side airbag did not deploy, causing Liz to suffer a severe concussion that took over a year to resolve.  When we considered a lawsuit and consulted an attorney, we found out the U.S. Government had approved the settings on that airbag, so we really didn’t have a case to pursue.

Frankly, if the settings allowed my wife to be that badly injured, I’d say they were set too high, but what do I know?

Next:  Our Volvo Dealer wasn’t selling enough Volvos, so the Volvo Corporation dropped them as a dealer long before our factory warranty expired.  As a result, Volvo told us that if we wanted warranty service or maintenance or repairs, we would have to drive three hours from Medford, Oregon to Eugene, Oregon, the closest Volvo dealer!  That would require us to stay in a motel, or if the vehicle had to be left for several days for whatever needed to be done, we’d have to take two vehicles if we didn’t want to languish in an expensive motel.

If that is not how you want to be treated after you bought a $42,000.00 car, then don’t ever buy a Volvo, because the same thing could happen to you.  Also, how do you get top dollar for a trade-in or sell your Volvo locally if the buyer doesn’t have a local Volvo dealer to have service done?

This is a public warning announcement.


Carl F. Worden

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