The News According to Real Clear Politics

Why Fact Checkers Need to Accept That They Can Err. Kalev Leetaru examines the limited avenues of recourse the subjects of negative fact checks have to dispute rulings they believe are inaccurate.

Women and Cyber. In our latest cybersecurity podcast, former Homeland Security official Phyllis Schneck discusses her pioneering role in the cyber defense realm.

Religious Freedom Isn’t Baked Into Wedding Cake Ruling. Peter Berkowitz considers the implications of last week’s Supreme Court decision.

Black America’s “Stockholm Syndrome.” Aubrey Shines argues that African-American voters are locked into a party that has not served their interests.

Texas School Supers Behaving Badly, But Mum’s the Word. In RealClearInvestigations, Steve Miller reports that officials’ misconduct has been addressed under a code of silence that insulates school boards from negative publicity.

McConnell Is the Longest-Serving GOP Leader. But Not the Most Consequential. In RealClearPolicy, James Wallner contends that the Senate majority leader’s real legacy is replacing the art of deliberation with the aim of winning congressional elections.

Hurricanes, Flooded Homes, and Moral Hazard. Also in RCPolicy, Bruce Yandle calls on Congress to reform FEMA’s insurance program.

America’s Mayors Should Not File Copycat Climate Suits. In RealClearEnergy, Phil Goldberg urges public officials to focus on legislation, rather than litigation, to formulate energy and emissions policy.

Why the AMA & Everyone Else Should Oppose Assisted Suicide. T. Brian Callister makes his case in RealClearHealth.

Simple Law Will Save Us From Telemarketers. In RealClearMarkets, Harold Furchtgott-Roth advises Congress to pass a new law that updates a 1991 measure to protect the public from unsolicited calls.

The Story Behind “Three Identical Strangers.” In RealClearLife, Thelma Adams interviews the director of a documentary about triplets separated at birth.

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