Trayvon’s real father wants a federal law to make it a crime to profile minors

The *parents* of Trayvon Martin plan to get the $$$ to MOVE ON UP, TO THE EAST SIDE.   Their *grieving is more of *greeding* now –  how can we make a bunch of money off this event?

If they were such loving and caring parents they would have raised Trayvon to be a decent human being but they failed in that – big time –  but they aren’t going to let their failures keep them from Fame & FORTUNE.

They are assisting in their *use* by the RACE BAITERS in order to fulfill their own desires – not to really do anything to change what TRAYVON was…  or to teach other Negro youth to be DECENT, HONEST, MORAL, young men.

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Straight from the front page: Tracy Martin, the father of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, told members of Congress that he wants his son’s name on a federal law that would make it a crime to profile minors and kill them in self-defense.

So when an person with a hood and mask jumps out at me from behind my car in a parking lot I am to ask for id: Determine the age, gender, racial, ethnicity, physical disabilities, economic status, education before I defend myself . .. .oh, that’s right I can only FLEE!!!


Tracy Martin to Congress: Verdict won’t define son’s life

WASHINGTON – There were calls to abolish “stand your ground” laws at a Congressional hearing Wednesday featuring remarks by the father of Trayvon Martin, as well as tough talk about race in America.

Tracy Martin gave opening comments at the first hearing of the recently formed Congressional Caucus on Black Men and Boys.

“I always say that Trayvon was my hero. He saved my life, and not to be there in his time of need is real troublesome. Not to be able to save my son’s life,” Martin said.

Martin says he’s glad the death of his son has people talking and asking questions.

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