Government Funded Website Teaches Migrants How To Have Sex With White Women

Truth and Action

It’s really no wonder why Germany is having such a huge problem with their migrant population. After numerous incidents involving migrants and sexual violence, it turns out that the government is actually encouraging that behavior. A new website from the German Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) depicts graphic cartoons of Arabic and African American men having sex with German women. The website gives lessons about sexual positions, prostitution and how to engage in casual sex.

If the past year has proven anything, it’s that these migrants don’t care about casual sex. The only type of sex they seem capable of is the violent kind that often doesn’t come with consent. The website was launched in February as a way to aid integration. A Swiss newspaper went so far as to call it an illustration of Germany’s “welcoming culture”. That’s like putting a billboard up that says, “Come to Germany. There’s a lot of sex waiting.” It’s perverse.

The parliamentary secretary for the Ministry for Families said that migrants were the target for the site, and offers them a discrete way to gain knowledge in this area.

The text, audio files, and pictures cover everything from anal sex to abortion, divorce, and having sex with virgins. The website even gives advice to migrant women on how to get involved with the sex trade, giving tips including asking the customer (“or customers”) to pay first, and to tell “girlfriends” what you are up to.

Many of the pages emphasise the importance of having permission from your partner before you have sex with them, a key point in a country coming to terms with the mass migrant sex attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

It’s all very disgusting, and the people of Germany don’t seem to be very pleased about it. With the elections on the way, anti-immigrant parties are expected to do very well. German media outlets are reporting that the citizens patience has run out.


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