by Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr  |   Conservative Patriot

Democrats are lying, hiding truths, covering-up, and generally doing all they can to turn this country into Socialist, with no idea as to what they are doing! Sadly the Liberal Media is helping them by ignoring anything positive attained by President Trump.

Why is all this happening?

My thought is the Democrat Party has sold their collective souls to the Globalists and the New World Order.

Look at what Democrats have accomplished:

They have ruined the health care system in the United States. Obamacare does not work, they know that yet they’d rather see their bank accounts increased than see the average American afford reasonable insurance premiums.

They have allowed radical Liberals to infiltrate our education system. Starting in preschool all the way to Universities/Colleges to indoctrinate our children to their way of thought. Gone are the academics as Liberal propaganda  is jammed down their throats and the education department line their pockets with tax dollars meant for education.

They have allowed Illegal Aliens to flood into our nation and encouraged them to ignore assimilation into this country and to break voting laws by voting for the Democrat Party.

They are promoting wholesale murder by voting in legalized abortion. Once this procedure was made legal, Planned Parenthood was established, Now Planned Parenthood gets $500 million (and more) and pays the Democrats at least half that amount (annually) to game our election system.

They have enacted legislation to change outright theft into legality! If you recall there were politicians jailed for accepting bribes. Now those bribes no longer exists as ‘bribes’. What was once called a ‘bribe’ is now a ‘campaign donation!’

They legalized ‘Lobbyists’ and now are enriched by allowing big business to tell them how to vote!

They use Political Correctness to alter the very way we think and talk! They want to control every facet of your life, Marriage, sexual identification, gender, even Christianity are no longer sacred as they want to disrupt all thought of any individual  having their personal thoughts!

They have infiltrated the media and are using that media to further their lies and ill-thought out imaginations. They are having ‘news reporters’ and ‘celebrities’ do their bidding by undermining honesty and proper accountability. Comedians are bought off to cease doing comedy and deride successes of their opponents.

All in all the Democrat Party can be truthfully seen as a Party out to destroy the government of the United States so their members (only those in elected office and their benefactors) steal the money we pay as taxes!

Sadly the Republican Party is witnessing members succumb to the love of money and casting their constituents to the wolves.

WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, are at a crossroad. If we continue to stick our heads in the sand and vote in men and women that only are out for themselves, we deserve to lose the very FREEDOMS and LIBERTY we enjoy!

We MUST get the men and women out of Congress that seek to control us with lies, deceit and doublespeak to retain their positions. We must ELECT people of CHARACTER to protect this nation!  This is our nation and if we do not act, it will be our WATERLOO!

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