Tennessee Firearms Association Legislative Action Committee Releases List of 2018 State Candidates that it is supporting

Nashville, Tennessee — Tennessee Firearms Association Legislative Action Committee (TFALAC) a state political action committee announced today the list of candidates to whom it is has provided financial support for the 2018 election cycle.

“TFALAC and the Tennessee Firearms Association are pleased to announce that TFALAC has identified 36 candidates for the State Senate or the State House that it is supporting this year with financial contributions and whom TFALAC is encouraging 2nd Amendment supporters to support even if the candidates are not in their own district” said John Harris who serves as treasurer for TFALAC and as the executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association.

Harris continued, “It is critical for voters to understand that the policies on constitutional issues over the next decade or more in Tennessee will be the duty of the members of the Legislature to debate and decide.  The fact is that over the last eight years of the Haslam administration, the policies that have been implemented have not made significant progress toward removing the existing impairments under state law on the rights that are protected from infringement by the state and federal constitutions.  It is clear that the way to change that result prospectively is to support those incumbents who have shown a willingness to sponsor and work toward removing these infringements and to elect other candidates in other districts who show promise of doing better than their predecessors.”

TFALAC and TFA conduct surveys of candidates for state office as part of its vetting process. You can view the survey questions and responses online — 2018 Survey Response.

The complete list of candidates to whom financial contributions have been distributed has been published on the TFA’s website and also on the TFALAC’s website.

Harris concluded “At present, TFA and TFALAC are not making any contributions to nor otherwise supporting any candidate for governor in 2018. None of them have a strong, demonstrated history of standing firm to protect the rights recognized and protected by the 2nd Amendment.”

To learn more about the Tennessee Firearms Association or the political action committee, neither of which are affiliated with nor approved by an candidate or candidate committee, you can visit their websites at:

www.tennesseefirearms.com or www.tfalac.org

Joining and supporting TFA and/or TFALAC is an investment in the fight to restore our constitutional rights and in the fight against politicians who are willing to sell their votes and your rights to whichever business interest gives them the most money!

TFA Website: www.tennesseefirearms.com
TFA PAC: www.tfalac.org
Facebook TFA Page: www.facebook.com/Tennfirearms/
Facebook TFA Group: www.facebook.com/groups/TennesseeFirearms/
Twitter: @Tennfirearms

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