Don’t Buy Into Liberalism is a site that provides lists of organizations and individuals that have liberal leanings. We generally are never concerned when individuals lean left but when companies or government force liberalism on consumers or citizens then we raise what we hope is a holy stink.

But wants you to know whom you should be worried about buying from or into.

Top 3 Boycotts

#1. Starbucks #2. NFL #3 CNN/ MSNBC

Don’t Buy Liberalism
Celebrities use their star power and money to fund and promote liberal causes
such as abortion, gay marriage and global warming.

If celebrities are going to use their money and fame to promote their liberal agenda,
you have a right not to support them.

It is not what I say – it’s what they say out of their own mouths and what they do.
Decide for yourself – if you want to support them with your money!

The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares….
Liberals are the Tares and Christians are the Wheat!

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