Jackson City Property Taxes on the Rise

By  Mallory Cooke  |   WBBJ.com

Some property owners in Jackson will pay more in taxes. In a 4-2 vote Tuesday, with one abstention, Jackson City Council members set a tax rate that’s expected to bring in an extra nearly $1.5 million for the city.

Councilman David Cisco cast one of those “no” votes. “It’s not right putting all this tax on the city of Jackson,” he said.

The city said the extra money will pay for capital projects like road repaving and equipment for the fire and police departments. Councilman Charles Rahm voted for it.

“Our streets are in desperate need of work all over the city. There’s not a street in the city that doesn’t need some type of work done to it,” Rahm said.

The rate stays the same as last year. But, it is 9 cents higher than the certified tax rate set by the state, which the city said would ideally have kept revenue the same.

“If your home is worth $100,000 you’re probably going to be paying about $25 more a year,” Mayor Jerry Gist said. “If it’s worth $200,000 probably $50 a year and then on up from that scale.”

“If your appraisal stays the same, it’s not going to go up at all. If it goes down, it might be less,” the ever enlarging Councilman Johnny Dodd said. “We’re not trying to raise taxes to do anything to hurt individually, we’re just trying to do something overall to improve our infrastructure and make our streets in better condition then they’re in”.

Council members unanimously approved the 2018-2019 budget.


Council members also agreed to give city employees a 4 percent cost of living pay raise.

City leaders said property owners can expect to start paying more this year. “I can’t see the reasoning myself of making this increase,” Cisco said.

“Even though it may be a small increase to the property owner, I certainly feel like that that is well worth it,” Rahm said.

Harvey Buchanan and Randy Wallace did not attend Tuesday’s meeting.

The city said its employees have not received a raise since 2015. The new budget year begins July 1.

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