So we all know this guy Jarrod Ramos killed five people and wounded two others at an Annapolis Newspaper called the Capital-Gazette.  What I want to know is why?

Apparently, Ramos filed a defamation lawsuit against that newspaper and a columnist back in 2012, and lost the case.  Few people will go to all the expense of filing a defamation lawsuit against a newspaper when the story about them is true, so I would like to know a lot more about the details of his lawsuit before I’m willing to dismiss this case as just the act of a disgruntled, evil man.

Back in the mid 1990’s, my local newspaper, the Medford Mail Tribune, published a story that described the Southern Oregon Militia (SOM) as a racist and anti-Semitic organization.  I happened to be the Liaison Officer for the Southern Oregon Militia at the time, so I took that story very personally and contacted a local television station to refute it.

What the Mail Tribune staff didn’t know, and never bothered to find out, is that I’m a Jew and my wife is Mexican American, which is hardly a combination you will find in an anti-Semitic racist.  So the television station had my wife and I appear together for a segment, much to the awkward embarrassment of the Mail Tribune.

I looked into filing a defamation lawsuit against the paper, but because I was considered a, “Public Figure”, who often appeared on television regarding the SOM’s actual purpose, that being to expose the widespread official corruption that still exists today in Southern Oregon, I had to prove the newspaper acted with malice.  That was difficult to prove since the story the Mail Tribune ran was a product of a radical extremist group in Portland, Oregon, which got its faulty information from that bastion of everlasting lies, the Southern Poverty Law Center.  (SPLC)

And how did the SPLC determine the SOM was an anti-Semitic, racist group?  It was because we used the term, “Militia”, to describe our group.  At the time, all militia groups in the USA were being vilified as racist and anti-Semitic, mainly because a small number of those groups allowed anyone in who wanted to join without any vetting whatsoever, and indeed, some militia groups were taken over by rank racists, Kluckers, White Nationalists and other misfits, who drove the good and decent people who originally formed those militias, out.

Further, Bill Clinton was President at the time, and he saw the rise of militia groups as a threat to his Globalist ambitions for the United States.  Clinton sent FBI agents in to infiltrate the truly stupid, public militia groups for the purpose of entrapping some of their members into committing crimes, by offering to sell them illegal weapons and explosives.  Some of the idiots did — and their trials and subsequent convictions leading to long prison terms made headlines everywhere, as if all militia groups were cut from the same cloth.

So in my case, the unapologetic Medford Mail Tribune got away with bearing false witness against me and my group, and I cannot help but wonder if something similar happened to Jarrod Ramos.  You see, I was raised a Christian and remain one to this day, so murder was not even to be considered, even though that newspaper committed character assassination against me for no good reason at all — except they didn’t approve of our name.  Apparently, that makes what they did okay.

My parting thought?  Christianity is the only reason a lot of really horrible people are still alive today.

Food for thought, but only for the truly thoughtful.


Carl F. Worden

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