Canadian Provinces Believe Biblical Sexual Ethics Incompatible With Legal Education

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Canada’s Supreme Court ruled 7-2 against Trinity Western University’s proposed law school.

TWU requires all of its students and staff to sign a covenant, promising to live by basic biblical standards. The Court said that the various provincial law societies have the power to base their accreditation decisions on a school’s admissions policies, such as the covenant requirement, and that the school’s covenant requiring sexual abstinence outside of marriage discriminated against LGBT students.

The law school, which is scheduled to open in 2019, was accredited in all but three of Canada’s provinces. While its graduates would be allowed to practice in those provinces that granted accreditation, this decision puts the opening of the law school in jeopardy because it limits where its graduates can practice law.

The executive director of the proposed law school, Earl Phillips, said, “Why should a law school graduate not be accepted into the legal profession because they chose to go to a school where there are traditional Christian values?”

“This is not a question of religious identity, it’s not a question of sexual identity. It’s a question of fundamental freedoms, and also about the freedom to live your faith publicly,” said Andrew Bennett, director of the religious freedom institute at the Christian-based think tank Cardus.

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