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Liberals have secretly positioned the feminist adjunct law professor Ms. Joan Larsen for top consideration to fill Anthony Kennedy’s vacancy on the Supreme Court.  Larsen is probably interviewing with Trump this weekend in New Jersey.  Reagan wrongly picked feminist Sandra Day O’Connor without even interviewing other candidates.

There is nothing pro-life about Larsen.  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley likes her because she’s originally from Waterloo, Iowa, they went to the same college, and her parents still live in Grassley’s home state.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell likes her because she has briefly been on the Sixth Circuit, which presides over McConnell’s home state of Kentucky.

Liberals like her because she’s a feminist.  Larsen wrote almost nothing on her own while trying to become a professor at the University of Michigan law school.  According to its bio of her here, Larsen apparently never even got tenure.  As a judge for short periods on the Michigan Supreme Court and then the Sixth Circuit, she has written almost nothing.  The media would have a field day mocking her work-product, and she’ll cave in to the Left just as David Souter did in order stop the ridicule of his chambers as a “black hole” by the New York Times.

Larsen is married to Adam Pritchard, a law professor at the liberal school.  Larsen has publicly declared that “sexism still exists in the career of law.”  I wonder if she feels that sexism hindered her career at the U. of Mich.

We all cheered when Reagan had a vacancy in 1981, but then he filled it with Sandra Day O’Connor.  Her swing vote resulted in more than 40 million more abortions.  Larsen has mentioned Roe v. Wade often without ever criticizing it.

We don’t want history to repeat itself at the expense of the unborn.  Please object loudly to the consideration of Larsen for the Supreme Court.

Andy Schlafly
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