ObamaCare’s navigators are getting antsy about their federal funding.

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Navigators — the local and state groups that sign people up for ObamaCare — still haven’t heard from the administration about funding for the next cycle. Current grants expire in September, but navigators say they need funding before open enrollment begins Nov. 1 so they can make hiring decisions, train staff and conduct outreach.

In a letter to the administration, Pennsylvania’s insurance commissioner Jessica Altman asked that the information be released “immediately.”

“As any business leader knows, for a program to succeed it must have guidance and stability. Guidance and stability allow an organization to effectively plan for their short-term and long-term futures. Currently, the Navigator program and the entities that currently operate as Navigators have not received guidance or stability from the federal government,” Altman said.

“In years past, grant applications and new funding opportunities were released by CMS in April, CMS required Navigator organizations to apply by June and approved applications and new funding by late August. The current lack of guidance has put Navigator organizations – and states – far behind in their planning and creates an inability for the Navigator organizations to design a successful plan for helping people enroll during the 2019 open enrollment period.”

Read the letter here

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