Former Thai Navy SEAL dies in effort to rescue boys trapped in cave

Image: Former Thai Navy diver dies in cave rescue operation of Thai youth soccer team

A retired Thai Navy SEAL diver died early Friday after falling unconscious while he was underwater. The diver, 38-year-old Saman Kunan, was working as a volunteer, taking oxygen tanks into the flooded cave where 12 members of a boys’ soccer team and their coach have been trapped since June 23.

A fellow diver tried unsuccessfully to revive him. “We won’t let his life be in vain. We will carry on,” said Admiral Apakorn Yuukongkaew, commander of the SEALs unit. Rescuers are trying to drain some water from the cave, hoping to get the boys out before looming rains make conditions more dangerous, although some don’t appear ready for an hours-long scuba dive to safety.

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