The News According to RealClear Politics July 6th 2018

Ranking Trump’s Supreme Court Choices. Sean Trende assesses the seven reported finalists.

How a Bernie-Backed Venture Capitalist Won in Md. Ross Baird and Ben Wrobel write that Democratic gubernatorial primary winner Ben Jealous scored with a message bullish on what free markets can achieve but critical of a broken economy.

Business Needs Defense-Grade Cyber Capabilities. In Part 10 of our series, Sarah Pompei warns that patchwork solutions to cyberthreats aren’t cutting it.

Voluntary Drug Price Restraint Didn’t Work in the 1990s, and Won’t Now. In RealClearPolicy, James C. Capretta contends that President Trump’s plan to lower prescription medicine prices misses the mark.

U.S. CO2 Emissions Are Lowest Since 1985. In RealClearEnergy, Jude Clemente highlights the environmental benefits of America’s “shale gas revolution.”

Magazine Funding Skews Left. What Can Conservatives Do About It? In RealClearBooks, Michael E. Hartmann considers the ideological landscape of nonprofit journalism.

Originalism, a Debt Against the Living. RCB also offers this excerpt from Ilan Wurman’s new work on interpreting the Constitution.

Book Review: Burt Walker’s “Status Schmo.” RealClearMarkets

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