Tennessee county Dems, NAACP sue to open early voting sites

The arrogance never ends………….. This report via the AP states that Democrats in Tennessee’s largest county and the local NAACP are suing to try to open more early voting sites.

According to The Commercial Appeal, the Shelby County Democratic Party and the Memphis NAACP sued the Shelby County Election Commission in separate chancery court lawsuits Friday.

They argue having only three sites during the first four days of early voting disenfranchises voters in inner-city Memphis, where many rely on public transportation.

They aim to open all 21 early voting sites from primary elections earlier this year. Commission staffers say that’s impossible on short notice with personnel shortages.

Officials changed initial plans to open just one site for the first few days after Democrats accused them of trying to suppress black votes.

Early voting lasts July 13-28.

Court hearings are scheduled Today.

Notice the article said nothing about minorities, only black votes…………


  • Black alone – 64.4%
  • White alone – 25.4%
  • Hispanic – 7.1%
  • Asian alone – 1.6%
  • Two or more races 1.2%
  • Other race alone – .03%
  • American Indian alone – .08%
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone  –  .02%

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/city/Memphis-Tennessee.html#ixzz5Kl8Z5PLd

If it were up to us, we would end early voting….. of course it is not up to us……


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