Here is a neat couple of stories about one of our favorite subjects… dogs

And finally a dog story … If you’ve ever hiked, or even gone for a long walk, you’ll appreciate TWO dog-saves-a-hiker tales this morning. Nanook, a “guardian angel” husky is apparently a self-trained rescue dog. He helped a college student from Tennessee, who was hiking alone in Alaska in June and got into trouble not once, but several times (The Associated Press). Nanook’s owner was not surprised when he heard the details, because it’s happened before. “He just does it on his own,” he said.

In Arizona, an intrepid golden retriever puppy named Todd bounded between his owner and a snake in late June while they hiked, and suffered the brunt of the battle on his head (ABC7). His injured, swollen face went viral on Facebook, and suddenly the Arizona Diamondbacks saw an uplifting PR opportunity, naming Todd a team hero.

Without question, we think dogs make for happy hikes and much longer lives!

H/T to The Hill

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