Judge orders Manafort moved after boast of jail ‘VIP’ treatment

And Now For the Silly News….

A federal judge ordered President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort moved from a Virginia jail after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team said in a court filing Wednesday that Manafort had boasted about receiving “VIP” treatment. “On the monitored prison phone calls, Manafort has mentioned that he is being treated like a ‘VIP,'” the filing said.

Members of Mueller’s team said Manafort, who is accused of tax and bank fraud, had bragged that he had access to a phone and a laptop that is “shuttled in and out of the facility by his team,” allowing him to send emails secretly.

Manafort also has had a “private, self-contained” living area that is larger than those of other inmates, along with a “workspace to prepare for trial.”

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