Trump administration says it has reunited all eligible migrant kids under 5

NPR attempting to hit a blow to Trump

The Trump administration announced Thursday that it had reunited all eligible children under age 5 who were separated from their parents at the Mexican border, two days after a court-set deadline.

Administration officials said they reunited 57 of 103 children fitting the criteria, but could not return the rest to their undocumented migrant parents for various reasons, including cases in which parents had criminal records or the adults who had arrived with them were not really their parents.

“Throughout the reunification process, our goal has been the well-being of the children and returning them to a safe environment,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The administration still has to reunite roughly 2,000 older children with their parents by late July.

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