The News According to Real Clear Politics Monday July 16, 2018

The Supreme Court and Original Sin. In a column, I consider how Roe v. Wade was the case that warped the judicial appointment process in this country.

The Abortion War Will Soon Rip America in Two. Bill Scher worries that a Supreme Court vote to either repeal or affirm Roe v. Wade will widen the culture war chasm.

Let’s Not Paper Over Election Security. Phil Stupak explains why the move to paper-only balloting is no safeguard against potential threats.

America’s Government — Hooked Up to an Ivy Drip? Bill Whalen considers the academic pipeline that was opened again with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

No Grand Bargain in Helsinki. In RealClearDefense, Rebeccah L. Heinrichs argues that the president must use his summit with Vladimir Putin to plainly state the U.S. position on matters where the two nuclear superpowers continue to clash.

To Solve the Labor Shortage, Focus on Mobility. In RealClearPolicy, Todd Hitt urges lawmakers to work with businesses to incentivize transportation options and attract needed workers.

Nine Unforgettable All-Star Game Moments. Evan Bleier has this compilation of video highlights in RealClearLife.

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