Judge orders U.S. to halt deportations of reunited immigrant families

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We have always questioned the real power of the court in matters that shouldn’t necessarily involve them so when we read where Federal Judge Dana Sabraw in California on Monday temporarily halted the deportation of immigrant families the Trump administration has reunited after separating them at the Mexican border we wonder what kind of immigration mess we really have.

Sabraw recently ordered the government to reunite the families.

The Trump administration says it has reunited all eligible families of children under age 5. It is racing to reunite roughly 2,550 older undocumented immigrant children with their parents by Sabraw’s July 26 deadline.

“The judge once again made clear that the government unconstitutionally took these children away and now must do everything in its power to reunite them safely and by the deadline,” said Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the Immigrants’ Rights Project of the ACLU, which filed the lawsuit.

Sorry, we don’t see the unconstitutionality here but we do see obstruction of justice by a judicial figure with that aid of the ACLU but then again we are about to hear from the bleeding heart side.

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