What America Must Learn from Germany’s Failed Open Border Policy

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Angela Merkel was initially revered for her openness and tolerance of outsiders. The mainstream media heaped on the praise for Merkel’s acceptance of Muslim refugees as well as other Muslims seeking a new home. Though Merkel’s political prowess was once unmatched, she has failed Germany as well as Europe.

The history books will not be kind to Merkel. Her open borders policy has forever changed German society for the worse. If the United States government does not learn from Germany’s mistakes, our society will also suffer the same fate.

Open Borders Will Never Work

Those who question the logic in humanity dividing into distinct nation states often point out territorial lines are arbitrarily created. Liberals also argue there is strength in cultural diversity. However, the radical Muslims embraced by the Merkel administration are actually weakening Germany’s strength in a number of ways.

Merkel critics are often criticized for telling the truth about unskilled immigrants who have nothing to offer post-industrial societies in developed nations. The vast majority of immigrants are unwilling to become fluent or even partially fluent in German or English. They have minimal skills and refuse to assimilate.

Though none of the truths outlined above are Merkel’s fault, she should be criticized for flooding Germany with immigrants who are more than willing to take handouts yet have nothing to offer in return. Liberals are fond of arguing these people just need some time to assimilate, learn the language and develop skills for employment. In reality, they find it difficult to blend in with others. A large part of the problem is the Muslim costume and mask known as the full burqa.

Germany’s Cultural Clash

Those who have not shared public facilities and other experiences with Middle Eastern immigrants often wonder why there is such a fuss about Merkel’s open borders policy. Ask Germans in the city of Bonn about Muslim integration, and you will find it has been a strenuous process for Germans and a cakewalk for Muslims. If most Germans were honest, they would admit Merkel’s open border policy has failed.

Bonn residents paid their hard-earned tax dollars for the construction of a beautiful new public swimming pool. The pool is open to everyone, yet a special curtain was installed to separate Muslim women from other swimmers — installed at the request of Muslim immigrants. The city of Bonn even goes as far as providing women with the opportunity to swim and bathe without the oversight of men.

It is awfully disturbing to learn Merkel’s minions went as far as handing out leaflets to Muslim men to teach them how to behave properly in public. The leaflets were provided following several reports of Muslim men sexually assaulting German women.

The question begs: Why are Germans bending over backwards to accommodate the highly nuanced and barbaric ways of radical Muslims? Civilized societies do not separate women from men in swimming pools. Germans are willing to dramatically alter their society for the needs of a religious minority that has little to offer and plenty to take from those who made Germany great.

German citizens should not be forced to assimilate to who are effectively their guests. It should be the other way around.

Merkel and her team of political minions are fond of stating public swimming pools and other facilities are “Shariah ready”. Their logic in going to such great lengths to accommodate Muslims is that no group should be excluded from using public facilities such as the new swimming pool in Bonn. If the Merkel administration is so insistent on celebrating cultural diversity and accepting the social norms of newcomers, why not ban women from driving? After all, plenty of Muslim-majority nations barr women from driving, attending sporting events and showing anything but their eyes in public.

Use your mind’s eye to imagine your community 5-10 years from now. Do you envision women covered from head-to-toe in full burqas shopping at your local supermarket?

Do you envision wives and mothers staying at home all day while you work tirelessly to pay for the welfare benefits provided to those who refuse to assimilate?

How about public swimming pools divided by a massive curtain to separate Muslim women from everyone else?

These are the nightmare scenarios we must avoid. The preservation of our culture begins with a strict immigration policy, a nationwide banning of the full burqa and a mandate that all immigrants must pass an English language test within a year of entry. If we fail to implement these measures, the United States will soon end up like Merkel’s Germany.

~ Liberty Planet

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