‘This is a father’: Dad tackles man who took ‘upskirt’ photos of daughter at Target


By Claire Chretien

CYPRESS, California, August 6, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A father intervened when he saw a man taking photos up his daughter’s skirt at Target, kicking the man’s phone out of his hands and knocking him to the ground.

“You messed with the wrong family,” said Ismael Duarte, the father. He chased the man out of the store and captured a photo of the perpetrator’s car as he drove away.

The man accused of taking “upskirt” photos of women and girls at the Cypress, California Target is 29-year-old Jorge A. Ibarra Jr. Surveillance footage shows him crouching down beside unsuspecting victims as they shopped.

Duarte confronted the man as Duarte’s daughter was checking out and Ibarra tried to photograph under her skirt.

Ibarra was arrested for invading privacy on Wednesday, according to the New York Post, and he is “also suspected of committing the same crime at a Target in Cerritos.”

“I’m pissed off that I didn’t do more than I did but I wish I would have, because I’m so angry,” said Duarte.

“This is a father,” EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo tweeted of Duarte’s actions. “This is how you put a stop to the abuse and disrespect of women.”

Target has been subject to heavy criticism since the retail giant announced in April 2016 it would allow men in women’s restrooms and vice versa, with social conservatives warning that such a policy emboldens sexual predators.

In July 2016, a “transgender” man was arrested for recording an 18-year-old changing at the Target in Ammon, Idaho. He then pleaded guilty to a felony count of video voyeurism. He had secretly recorded other women, too.

Another incident that drew negative attention to Target’s gender-free policy occurred just weeks after it announced its “inclusive” policy, when a man in Frisco, Texas recorded a girl changing clothes.

The predatory encounters even led Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to confront Target about its policies for keeping women safe.

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