God is a Way-maker

Just got this from my daughter and thought I need to share it with the WGEN list.
Think of how none of us could breathe, blink, or keep our heart beating without the direction from God the Creator and our Lord Jesus Christ.  All those machine we use to help in those acts are how the false *gods* (lower case G) operate…   giving the appearance but not the ‘reality’ of what God the Creator does for us.  I thank the Lord every morning for another day to serve Him and then every evening for the day just completed and that I pray I have served Him according to His Will.

As I look around at the world today – FIRES – terrorist acts – floods – all causing loss of life and  earthly goods – I am reminded of Noah and THE FLOOD.  God promised no more FLOODS like that one but perhaps all these fires – worldwide – are another warning to humanity to shape up and to answer that *knocking* at our doors and inviting Christ into our lives.  Satan, occupying those Anitifa fools, is doing all he can to destroy what God created.  None of us has any clue when we shall breathe our last breath and when that happens, we have no more opportunity to ask Christ into our hearts and to become Born Again to spend eternity with our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus.

We have too many people who are Americans in name only.  They claim to be Americans but their WALK and TALK is loyalty to another land.
We also have many who profess to be Christians but their Walk & Talk is to another god – Not to Jesus Christ.
This same pattern of false labels has infected every walk of life – from Gender – Political – Parental.
We live in the day of FALSE FRONTS – We need to SEEK TRUTH for that is the only way to be set FREE.
We hear constant calls for RIGHTS and little calls for RESPONSIBILITY.
Many are rich in things and poor in Spirit.


Here is the email my daughter sent:  (Feel free to share all of this post if you like)

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