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My sense is that there will be a massive, “Red Wave”, this November, which is less than 90 days away.  That written, it is prudent to consider and plan for the opposite to occur.

Do you have a 401k?  Are you invested in the stock market?  If so, a Blue Wave in November will result in a massive withdrawal from the stock market before the new Liberals are sworn in.  All the momentum gained will be lost, and may result in a Dow that falls all the way back to 10,000 or below.

I still laugh at the Liberal economic, “experts”, who predicted a stock market crash if Trump were elected.  A conservative businessman is always going to enact policies that promote growth and stability, especially when he inherits a conservative Congress.  But if that Congress is run by a Pelosi and a Schumer, all the momentum gained will suddenly hit a rock wall.

Even if Trump vetoes all the Liberal attempts to roll back the tax cuts and re-enact senseless business regulations, Pelosi and Schumer will stop any attempts to enact positive changes to immigration laws, and they will stop further tax legislation that would make the tax cuts permanent.  They will further restrain President Trump from carrying out his duties through any means possible, including but not limited to additional investigations and a probable attempt to impeach Trump, all in an effort to keep Trump from continuing to carry out his agenda.

Economically, a Blue Wave will slam just about everything shut for at least two years, so if you do have a 401k or are invested in the stock market, plan accordingly.

Carl F. Worden

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