Bolton says North Korea hasn’t taken steps to denuclearize

National Security Adviser John Bolton acknowledged Tuesday that North Korea had “not taken the steps we feel are necessary to denuclearize” despite the promises North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made during his summit two months ago with President Trump. Bolton said in an interview on Fox News that the U.S. had “lived up to the Singapore declaration” and would continue applying pressure to make sure Pyongyang did the same. “The idea that we’re going to relax the sanctions just on North Korea’s say-so, I think, is something that just isn’t under consideration,” Bolton said. “We’re going to continue to apply maximum pressure to North Korea until they denuclearize, just as we are to Iran.”

Trump has repeatedly praised Kim since the summit, most recently for the return of remains believed to belong to dozens of U.S. service members missing since the Korean War.

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