TELL THE SENATE: Fix Healthcare!

Note: The only real fix is eliminating ObamaCare in its entirety. 

Before leaving for August recess, the House of Representatives took a significant step toward expanding the use of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to improve access to healthcare coverage and lower medical costs for millions of Americans.

Now it’s time for the Senate, which will be in session for most of August, to act!

That’s why it’s vitally important that you tell your U.S. Senators right now to adopt the House’s HSA reforms.

Let me explain.

As you may know, HSAs operate like Individual Retirement Accounts. Americans can contribute funds tax-free to an HSA, and then use those funds to pay for qualified medical expenses, such as doctors’ visits, x-rays, and prescription drugs. HSAs have been proven to bring down healthcare costs, promote access to health insurance, and improve the quality of care.

However, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, has sought to discourage the use of HSAs. For example, it restricted Americans’ ability to use HSAs in purchasing over-the-counter medicines.

On July 25, the House passed H.R. 6199, the Restoring Access to Medication and Modernizing Health Savings Accounts Act of 2018, and H.R. 6311, the Increasing Access to Lower Premium Plans and Expanding Health Savings Accounts Act of 2018. These bills would reverse Obamacare’s restrictions on HSAs, help lower insurance premiums, empower Americans with more choices in purchasing healthcare, and reduce taxes for American families.

Most significantly, both H.R. 6199 and H.R. 6311 passed the House with bipartisan support.

But for these critical HSA reforms to take effect, the Senate must now follow the House’s lead. Tell your U.S. Senators today to support H.R. 6199 and H.R. 6311 and demand their leadership bring these bills to the Senate floor for an immediate vote.

Please don’t delay – your Senators need to hear from you right away!


Elizabeth Wright
Director of Health and Science Policy

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