From the Maddening Crowd: Illegal Immigrants

“Alright already, I for one am sick of hearing about, “Illegal Immigrants”, or whatever name you want to give them.

With over 40 synonyms for the term-(Illegal), let’s try “Illicit, Criminal, Prohibited, Unlawful”, Not Authorized by Law, in place of Illegal, there does that make it better?

Nobody, nor report seems to have a clear handle on just how many are actually here. So the estimates I’ve read in over 170 pages of reports run from 13-14 million total questionable immigrants here, families and all?

Cost to cover these “guests” also ranges from $113-135 billion, for food stamps, housing, education, health care, etc. Our government record keeping at its best, we’ve got a problem but just not sure how big it is?

In my opinion ALL discussions on this issue should stop at the word–“ILLEGAL”, as reasoned above! The law has been broken, why should anybody breaking the law be given privileges, that those who came through Ellis Island were not afforded?

In the days of entering Ellis Island, if you were sick–back you went, you had to show means of support, a place to stay etc. There were no provisions made for them to be taught English, given Food coupons, a place to stay, a job, no you were on your own. Go visit Ellis Island and see the actual process and walk through the it, you’ll understand pretty quick, it was sink or swim time for those people.

They were forced to assimilate into the community, to get along, learn the “American” life style, on their own, which they did. No Go Zones were not established, police were not afraid to go into neighborhoods if needed, like in many cities today.

My solution is we adopt the Mexican Immigration Laws as they are a lot more stringent than our rubber back boned approach.”


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