GOP Kevin Yoder Drops to ‘Toss-Up’ After His Catch-and-Release Vote


By Neil Munro  |   Breitbart News

GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder has been downgraded to a “toss-up” candidate amid voter concerns over his pro-migration votes and rising Democratic enthusiasm, according to an election-tracking firm.

“Yoder took an underwhelming 68 percent against two opponents who hardly spent any money,” said the Cook Political Report’s analysis of Yoder’s primary race in Kansas’ third district. It added:

At least one [not-for-attribution] Kansas observer attributes his weak showing to blowback against a late July amendment he sponsored in the 2019 appropriations bill designed to overturn Attorney General Jeff Session’s new policy on asylum claims.

Yoder’s dramatic move to revive the catch-and-release policies imposed by former President Barack Obama, however, was just one of several cheap-labor giveaways to business interests which Yoder included in the draft spending plan for 2019.

The Cook Report missed the importance of Yoder’s July 25 vote to put 200,000 Indian visa-workers on a fast track to citizenship, even though those workers were hired to take white-collar jobs from American college-graduates — including several hundred graduates in his own Kansas district.

Roughly 44 percent of people in Yoder’s district aged 25 or older earned college degrees — and many are threatened by the salary-cutting expansion of visa-enabled outsourcing into a wide variety of college-grad jobs.

“That 44 percent, they’re the people that are replaced by recipients of H-1B visas,” said Robert Heath, an Americans software engineer in Boynton Beach, Fla. Heath runs the H-1B website which collates data about the location of H-1B workers, including those in Yoder’s district.

Nationwide, roughly 1.5 million college-graduate jobs are occupied by cheap visa-workers, most of whom are from India, and many of whom are employed by Indian-owned outsourcing firms, dubbed “body shops.”

Yoder is using his chairmanship of the House homeland-defense appropriations panel to remove the “country caps” that prevent migrants from any one country getting more than 7 percent of the 140,000 Employer-Based green cards which are awarded each year to employees of U.S.-based firms. If the caps are removed, roughly 200,000 Indian visa-workers — plus roughly 200,000 family members — will be put on a fast-track to getting green-cards.

His plan would also allow U.S. and Indian outsourcing firms to expand their visa-outsourcing business by recruiting more low-wage Indian workers with the promise of green cards after a decade of grueling work.

Yoder said July 25 that the country caps are discriminatory against Indian visa-workers, but “if he is concerned about discrimination, he should fight these Indian body-shops which are discriminating against U.S. workers,” said Heath, adding:

I’d be concerned with the fairness of companies that have forced [U.S.] workers to train their foreign [H-1B] replacements. Where was Kevin Yoder talking about fairness then?

Most of the Indian outsourcing workers are allowed to work because they have three-year H-1B visas. But a 2000 law allows visa-holders to stay and work for many years in the United States if their employer sponsors them for a green card. That change has allowed roughly 300,000 Indian visa-workers — plus roughly 100,000 Chinese and Filipino outsourcing workers — to work in outsourced jobs while waiting several or many years for green cards.

At least 300 of those H-1B outsourcing workers hold jobs in Yoder’s district of Overland Park, Kansas, according to A least 69 H-1B workers hold jobs in the neighboring town of Olathe, which is also in his district.

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