‘Study’ Accuses ‘Normals’ of Being Bigots for Not Wanting to Date Trans People


Now the left is saying that if you are a man attracted to women, but you don’t find a man pretending to be a woman attractive, you are a bigot.

You read that right, the left has finally found a “love” it doesn’t love.

What do I mean by that? Well, what is the first thing that radical gays tell you when they are trying to justify their push for gay marriage, for instance? They say “we should be allowed to love who ever we want,” and they also say “We have a right to be ‘who we are.’”

Ah, but wait. Now, if you are heterosexual and only want to love a natural-born member of the opposite sex — and not one created in a doctor’s office — well, THAT love is now to be deemed “bigotry.”

So, apparently “love” is not the justification for the left’s deviancy, after all.

All of this becomes clear with the latest “study” that was aimed at justifying the mental illness of transgenderism.

In June, left-winger Zhana Vrangalova wrote a piece attacking straight people for their bigotry on the gay website Them.us. Vrangalova touted the “work” from a couple of researchers who found that the majority of so-called cisgender people (that would be normal people) would never consider dating a transgender person.

I know, let’s al put on our shocked face.

According to Vrangalova:

The high rates of trans exclusion from potential dating pools are undoubtedly due in part to cisnormativity, cissexism, and transphobia — all of which lead to lack of knowledge about transgender people and their bodies, discomfort with these unknowns, and fear of being discriminated against by proxy of one’s romantic partner. It is also possible that at least some of the trans exclusion is due to the fact that for some people, sexual orientation might be not (just) about a partner’s gender identity, but attraction to specific body types and/or judgment of reproductive capabilities.

This is all university gobbledegook nonsense, of course. It is also a pack of lies.

Varad Mehta of @DecisionDeskHQ had some great thoughts on this nonsense. Mehta tweeted a series of excellent observations about this garbage.

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