Only a relative few pro-white demonstrators showed up at the latest showdown, and I have this niggling feeling the Antifa protesters may have been set up.

Bear with me.

I’ve been anticipating such a thing might be carried out for awhile now in response to the physical attacks of Antifa members against anyone they disagree with.  What if the pro-white group intentionally called for this demonstration to draw out the Antifa members so they could be followed when they left and dealt with one-on-one at some later time?  I do not think it is out of the realm of possibility.

So far, the Antifa maggots have enjoyed a free rein of physical violence, usually surrounded by cops trying to keep the peace.  That wouldn’t be the best place to deal with Antifa, with cops present and cameras everywhere, including a large number of potential witnesses.

But what if a whole bunch of pro-white members had mixed in with the crowd as spectators, separate from their fellows, and when the demonstration fizzled, they followed Antifa members to their cars and made note of their license plates?  What if the pro-white, “undercover”, members followed them home where they could be killed or so badly beaten at a later time that they would wish they were dead?

I’ve just got this feeling, but when I heard only a few pro-white demonstrators showed up actively carrying signs and speaking through a bullhorn, I couldn’t help but wonder where all the others were.  Did they just not show up?  Maybe.  But just maybe they were there, not carrying any signs or speaking, but just there, watching and waiting for things to dwindle down so they could follow the Antifa people when they left.

If I had evil intentions for those vicious bastards, that’s exactly what I would do.

Food for thought, but only for the truly thoughtful…


Carl F. Worden

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