Scott Conger Running For Mayor

Scott Conger has announced his candidacy for Mayor of Jackson.

Conger, who is the president and CEO of United Way of Tennessee, a position found for him when the WT Health Care Foundation could not continue to pay his salary.

Conger is a former city councilman who had to resign his post when he moved to a different district in 2017.

Conger was also the former President of Lambuth Area Neighborhood Association where he, through negligence, lost its tax free status with the IRS. Come on… you have to show the bad with the good.

He created social media accounts in the spring on which he posted videos regularly discussing issues in the city and different ways to improve in those issues, none of which proved successful.

Conger support of Gay Rights

“It’s important for us to get involved,” said Conger, who was the youngest ever Jackson city councilman ever elected when he took his seat in 2011 with the use of West Tennessee Health Care, Gay Rights, and the race card. “It’s our time to be great. We have to be involved if we want to shake up the city and county to be a community where we want our kids to live and grow a family, and continue to thrive.

“We’re sitting on a bunch of opportunity and potential, and we have to get involved to build a city for the 21st century and move forward.”

Conger is the grandson of former mayor Robert Conger, who served from 1967-89 who lost reelection to former Mayor Charles Farmer.

He was a avid supporter of David Woolfork, who was remove from office for his inappropriate actions with an employee.

Image result for gun control symbolHe supported gun control with his work on “The No Questions Asked” Buy Back Event illegally sanctioned by the City of Jackson and police Department.

“Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids.”

from “My Twilight Years” by Clint Eastwood

He voted in favor of relieving $12,000,000.00 from education to use on the city coffers because as a councilman he failed to protect it citizens from abuse by government.

On his resume, he states he is a Christian, who visits his church, Lambuth Memorial Methodist Church, regularly and was active in not just membership but leadership rolls, yet his has not attended services in a year nor did he attend regularly prior to 2010.

Don’t get us wrong…. Scott’s a nice guy who would give away the farm to help save the duck crossing the road. The problem is it will be your farm, not his, that he gives away. Millennial’s think that way, they were taught that in schools; that charity and business starts with someone else’s money.

Conger joins State Representative Jimmy Eldridge in the race for mayor, and the election day is in May. Former Madison County Commission chairman Mark Johnstone hasn’t officially entered the race but did announce last week he’s forming an exploratory committee looking at the possibility.

Special thanks to the Jackson Sun

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