The nation of Turkey has been in the news lately, mainly because they are holding an American Christian pastor prisoner, allegedly because he tried to help overthrow Turkey’s Muslim leader, Recep Erdogan.  For Erdogan’s refusal to return that pastor, President Trump has imposed some pretty severe sanctions on Turkey, and it has had a devastating effect on Turkey’s economy.

But still, Erdogan is refusing to return our hostage.

Turkey was once a staunch ally of the United States, and is still currently a member of NATO, but when Muslim Erdogan took over the leadership of Turkey, the whole nature of Turkey began to change to an anti-west philosophy.  In fact, Turkey recently purchased an advanced air-defense system from Russia, and at the same time ordered a fleet of our most advanced fighter aircraft, the F-35.  For obvious reasons, the U.S. is now hesitant to deliver those fighter aircraft because we really don’t know how good an ally Turkey is anymore, and if relations remain strained, he could hand over an F-35 to Russia for reverse engineering.

Most Bible prophesy is constructed in such a manner that it is almost impossible to use those prophesies as a means to predict the future before the event happens.  However, the prophesies of Ezekiel in chapters 37, 38 and 39 describe the nations that will join Russia (called Magog by Ezekiel) in an attack on Israel in the Latter Days.  Three of those nations still exist today by the same name.  They are Ethiopia, Libya and Persia (Iran).  But in addition to those obvious three is an old description of nations that once existed, and the old biblical maps clearly show one of them to be today’s Turkey.

If you are a student of Bible prophesy, you know very well that we are in the Latter Days because all the Bible prophesies for that era are now being fulfilled.  It is fascinating to know that Ezekiel’s prophesies were written over 2,500 years ago.  How could Ezekiel possibly know that Iran, Libya and Ethiopia would still exist as viable nations after all these years, unless God revealed it to him?

You can forget the predictions of Edgar Casey and Nostradamus when you have Bible prophesy to tell you what will happen, because unlike those two, Bible prophesy is being fulfilled at exactly 100% accuracy.  With a record like that, why would anyone look elsewhere, but obviously they still do.

Anyway, the point of all this is that we can accurately predict at this point that Turkey will either be kicked out of NATO, leave voluntarily or simply commit treason against NATO when Russia decides it is time to attack Israel.  The three obvious nations named are already allies of Russia in the form of buying Russian arms, so we already know where they stand.

The advantage we have in being Christians is that we have the playbook called the Bible, and if we are good students we can use it to avoid bad situations, both nationally and individually.


Carl F. Worden

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