Looking for the Balance Between Life and Business: The Moment When You Need to Stop

By Sharon Rondeau  |   The Post and Email

One very sensitive woman named Bronnie Ware was a carer for elderly people. Based on her observations, she wrote a book “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.” The author claims that most people regret that they worked too much. This is especially true of men who “deeply regret that they spent most of their lives wearing computer glasses and doing monotonous work.” This is a warning signal for those who do not see the need for a balance between work and life. We are so often told about this that this phrase is already perceived as banality. Nevertheless, it is worth thinking about it.

The Importance of Balance

The state of internal balance is important for many reasons. First, it allows you to feel the taste of life and satisfaction. There is time for work, but there is time for family, sport, health and personal hobbies, which gives a feeling of fullness, richness, and versatility of life.

Secondly, compliance with the balance allows you to maintain the tone, strength, and desire to continue to work with high performance.

Thirdly, the balance is important in order to have time to deal not only with operational activities but also with strategic issues. You can not make plans for the future when you look like a squeezed lemon.

Individual Balance Ratio

Each of us is special, and everyone has their own understanding of the balance. Hypothetically, we could derive some generalized “ideal balance” of the distribution of forces during the day, where the work takes no more than seven hours a day, sleep – about eight hours, time with the family – four hours, and the remaining five hours you devote to yourself and development. It looks all pretty well and beautifully, but in practice, there are many people who will be amused by this scheme and whose high efficiency and fullness of life prove the unacceptability of standard approaches.

Founders of enterprises are initially unusual people with a high level of efficiency and self-motivation. Therefore, speaking of balance, it makes sense to proceed not from standard schemes, but from the coaching analysis of the individual, his tasks, vision, and goals.

Main Rules to Follow

The basic rule of balance is as follows: time at work and time with family is necessarily a different time.

There are also some more important tips you may try to follow in order to find your personal but optimal just for you work-life balance.

  • Rest is necessary. Always set aside time for rest, and at this time, in any case, do not think about work.
  • Meet with friends and family. How often do you tell your friends and even relatives that you can not communicate or meet, explaining it by congestion?
  • Time for the family is sacred. Unfortunately, businessmen do not immediately come to understand this simple truth. Let it be a regulated time, but it will be only yours.
  • Pay attention to your children! This is the most important thing because children grow so fast! Once you set the time for the children, you guarantee that this time will be dedicated to them.
  • Check email less often. Checking more often, you will not get out of the endless cycle of cases.
  • Go in for sports. This will bring harmony into your life, help you become more active and make your day, your life orderly.
  • Learn to distribute tasks to subordinates, assistants, deputies. Let some things go off, do not take responsibility for everything.
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