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Yesterday at an Obama protest.  The coward wouldn’t come within seven miles of this protest.


By Matt Barbour

As President Obama arrived in Chattanooga, not everyone had welcome signs to greet him. Protesters gathered off Lee Highway near the airport, holding signs that said everything from “Obama hates America” to “Obama lies.”

The Chattanooga Tea Party organized a peaceful protest to voice its opposition to Obama’s policies.

“We will make you this promise. We will fight your disastrous policies as long as you are in office,” said Ben Cunningham from the bed of a pick up truck.

Hundreds of protesters turned out to welcome President Obama to Chattanooga, voicing strong opinions, including Cunnigham, the president of the Nashville Tea Party.

“He ought to go to Chicago or Detroit. Those would be great places to showcase his policies,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham, along with others, drove to Chattanooga to support the local tea party.

“It is so hypocritical of him to come to a business-friendly state like Tennessee and tout the policies, which nationally are putting us into debt every year,” said Cunningham.

“We vehemently disagree with the policies that he has espoused for the last five years. They’ve been destructive to our economy. So when he comes to Chattanooga touting new policies,’ there’s nothing new,” said Mark West.

Mark West is president of the Chattanooga Tea Party. He says they will not back down on making their voices heard.

“There were some pro-Obama folks here. It’s a great American tradition. We come out and we protest and we assemble and we petition our government. This is what it’s all about. But people have got to participate,” said Cunningham.

According to the Tea Party, it is “a non-partisan grassroots organization seeking to educate and inform its members and the public at large of the fundamental issues and struggles our country is facing. We are committed to energizing voters to become engaged in the process of solving the nation’s problems.”

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