Why I oppose females in public office

Here are two prime examples of why I am NEGATIVE on females being in political/public office. There are – of course- a few (emphasize FEW) females who can be logical and not let emotions rule what they say and do but that number is small compared to the overall number of females who are in or running for public/political office.  What I have also noticed in the past several years is how many males have become so pussified that they have lost the God given brains to THINK and ACT LOGICALLY – letting *emotions* take over.  Maybe that is so they can garner the female votes.  Similar to how Adam let Eve talk him into eating the forbidden fruit –  nothing has really changed in all this time.

I have only voted for a couple females in all my years of voting due to these reasons.  The MOB mentality is ALL EMOTION – and LOGIC isn’t allowed within a thousand miles of their gatherings.  Take a good look at the so called *protestors* regardless of the phoney reasons for the protest.  Most all my life I have been told time and time again that I don’t think like a female – that my M.O. had been more like a man (a man of years back not todays toadies).  That is why the females and insecure are so angry with Trump  – He thinks and acts like a MAN not an emotional directed puppet.  I don’t always agree with Trump and how he does and says some things but overall he has done more good for America and Americans than any other occupant of the Oval Office has done in my lifetime… and that includes Ronnie Reagan.  To me – Socialism is the female mindset and the following two articles are perfect examples of that point.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN  idzrus@earthlink.net
There are some people that if brains were dynamite, they wouldn’t be able to blow their noses.

Kamala Harris Just Interrupted the Kavanaugh Hearing!

Ocasio-Cortez Caught Trying To Politically Weaponize Children To ‘Bring Down’ Trump

Any sensible adult should be able to recognize that socialism simply doesn’t work on a large scale.

So what are socialists to do when common logic refutes the very premise they desperately want to peddle?

Find the easiest audience around to convince, of course, even if it is made up of the under-12 set.


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